The Broad Bioimage Benchmark Collection (BBBC) is a collection of freely downloadable microscopy image sets, cited in 500+ studies. In addition to the images themselves, each set includes a description of the biological application and some type of "ground truth" (expected results).

Researchers are encouraged to use these image sets as reference points when developing, testing, and publishing new image analysis algorithms for the life sciences. We hope that the BBBC will lead to a better understanding of which methods are best for various biological image analysis applications.

The BBBC is organized by the Broad Institute's Imaging Platform. New image sets are welcome — contribute

The BBBC resource is described in the following publication: Ljosa V, Sokolnicki KL, Carpenter AE (2012). Annotated high-throughput microscopy image sets for validation. Nature Methods 9(7):637 / doi. PMID: 22743765 PMCID: PMC3627348. Available at