C. elegans infection marker

Accession number BBBC012 · Version 1

Example images

pmk-1(km25) wild type
Positive: pmk-1(km25) Negative: wild type

Biological application

This selection of images show transgenic C. elegans expressing the promoter of gene clec-60 fused to GFP. The clec-60 gene is up-regulated during S. aureus infection [Irazoqui et al. PLoS Path 2010]. GFP expression is constrained to the posterior intestinal cells of wild type worms (wt, negative control), while the mutant (positive control), pmk-1(km25) is defective in the p38 MAPK homolog PMK-1 and often has elevated expression of clec-60p:GFP in the anterior intestine close to the pharynx, which is labeled with the red fluorescent mCherry.


The images were acquired at MGH on using a Discovery-1 microscope (Molecular Devices), with one image per channel (Channel 1 = brightfield, Channel 2 = GFP, Channel 3 = mCheery). Original image size is 696 x 520 pixels. Images are available in 16-bit TIF.

 BBBC012_v1_images.zip (117 MB)

Ground truth 

The images provided are 1 replicate (48 images) of each of the two controls (positive, pmk-1, and negative, wt). Images of the pmk-1 mutant images are in the folder entitled "pmk_plate2" and wt worms are in the folder entitled "WT_plate2".

For more information

These images were originally aquired by Javier Irazoqui's lab at MGH. Please contact javier 'at' molbio.mgh.harvard.edu for more information.

Published results using this image set

Z'-factor Citation
0.21 Wählby et al., Nat Meth, 2012

Recommended citation

"We used image set BBBC012v1 provided by Javier Irazoqui, available from the Broad Bioimage Benchmark Collection [Ljosa et al., Nature Methods, 2012]."