Human U2OS cells – Gene overexpression profiling experiment

Accession number BBBC037 · Version 1

Example images

example image example image example image
example image example image

Description of the biological application

The image set can be used to functionally annotate the genes through comparing their overexpression morphological profiles.


Images from five fluorescent channels were captured at 20x magnification on an ImageXpress Micro epifluorescent microscope (Molecular Devices). Nine sites per well were acquired, with laser based autofocus using the DAPI channel at the first site of each well. Each image channel was then stored as a separate, grayscale image file in 16-bit TIF format.

BBBC037 dataset

Ground truth 

Each gene is annotated with its biological pathway, generated by domain experts at our institution.

 BBBC037_v1_DatasetGroundTruth.csv (8 KB)

Description of columns:

  • Metadata_broad_sample: Internal Broad ID of the ORF
  • Metadata_moa: Pathway that the gene is involved in
  • Gene Allele Name: Gene and allele symbols

For more information

More information about this dataset can be found in the publication below (Rohban, 2017).

Published results using this image set

Rohban, Mohammad Hossein, Shantanu Singh, Xiaoyun Wu, Julia B. Berthet, Mark-Anthony Bray, Yashaswi Shrestha, Xaralabos Varelas, Jesse S. Boehm, and Anne E. Carpenter (2017). Systematic Morphological Profiling of Human Gene and Allele Function via Cell Painting. eLife 6 (March). 10.7554/eLife.24060. PMID: 28315521 PMCID: PMC5386591

Recommended citation

"We used image set BBBC037v1 Rohban et al. 2018, available from the Broad Bioimage Benchmark Collection [Ljosa et al., Nature Methods, 2012]."


CC0Copyright: CC0. To the extent possible under law, Jesse Boehm has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to BBBC037v1.